Fruit from August

Russell Avocado (top)

Maha Chanook Mango (bottom left)

Pantin Mamey (bottom right)

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Soursop December 2012



Soursop December 2012:



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Fruits from Summer 2012

Fruits from yard.

Sugar Apple, Avocado, Sour Orange, Passion Fruit, Mamey and Papaya (Fruta Bomba):

Rosigold Mango Tree:

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UF Sun Peach Fruiting First Year

The UF Sun Peach that I planted is doing incredibly great.  Just a few months ago the tree was planted and now its full of almost-ready beautiful red-yellow colored peaches:

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Screech Owl

We have a tenant using the Screech Owl Box:

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Honey Bee Pollinating SweetHeart Lychee

Honey Bee pollinating SweetHeart Lychee:

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UF Sun Peach Tree Planted

In a previous post, I mentioned a new low-chill Peach tree variety called UF Sun.  I was able to obtain one from Just Fruits and Exotics.  Here is the tree planted in the front yard where it will receive the most cool wind from the North.  Right behind it you can see a small Atemoya tree planted:

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