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University of Florida develops new peach tree variety called UF Sun

Recently, the University of Florida developed a peach tree variety with even less chill hour requirements than the “Florida Prince”.  The new variety is called “UF Sun”.  It would be nice to hear if anyone is growing this new variety in the deep south of Florida such as Homestead.  Also, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the one of the best varieties for South Florida known as the “Florida Prince” since this new variety seems to require even less chill hours and produces bigger peaches than the “Florida Prince” according to some.

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The Complete Book of Bananas

When you think of Bananas in South Florida, the name William O. Lessard will come up.  In the November/December 2010 article of “Tropical Fruit News” a magazine published by the Rare Fruit Council International, William talks about his plans to print a second edition of his book The Complete Book of Bananas.  According to William, the second edition will have a few more varieties and recipes on how to cook Bananas.  The first edition of the book is out of print and is very expensive to purchase.  I can’t wait to get a copy of the second edition of his book and learn from one of the experts in this field.  Here is a picture of the cover of the first edition:

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