University of Florida develops new peach tree variety called UF Sun

Recently, the University of Florida developed a peach tree variety with even less chill hour requirements than the “Florida Prince”.  The new variety is called “UF Sun”.  It would be nice to hear if anyone is growing this new variety in the deep south of Florida such as Homestead.  Also, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the one of the best varieties for South Florida known as the “Florida Prince” since this new variety seems to require even less chill hours and produces bigger peaches than the “Florida Prince” according to some.

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    Debra Tous said,

    Home Depot in St. Cloud, FLorida has some of these trees for $169 (about 5 feet tall:) loaded with peaches and the aroma is of very ripe peaches and smell fabulous — makes your mouth water. Was worried about buying a tree loaded with so many peaches and the shock of transplanting.

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    Debra thanks for the info. I am shocked with the price! These 5 feet tall trees sell in nurserys for about $30-$40! All I can say is Home Depot is making big $$$ on these trees! They purchase them probably at wholesale for about $10-$15. Definitely get the UF Sun Variety, but here are some florida nurseries that carry them (Same 5 foot tree), I am sure you can find more:

    Just Fruits & Exotics(Where I got mines from by mail) $32.99:

    Pine Island Nursery:

    Its the same tree but with the REAL price 🙂 ($30-$40)


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    it is mid aug. and my uf sun is doing well in Lehigh acres , fl. and starting to bloom which seems to be early . this has been in the ground only about 5 months and was in a 3 gal. container when purchased. it is around 4′ in height . I had a peach tree in Tallahassee , fl. and enjoyed them but was a different variety.

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