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Aguaje (Moriche) Palm

On a recent trip to Peru, I stumbled upon a very interesting fruit.  It is known in Peru as Aguaje:

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Ladybugs in the Garden

I received my order of Ladybugs from Growquest Growers.  I took some pictures of how I released them.  It was very easy, I just opened the bag a little and layed it on top of the trees.  They slowly start to crawl out. Ladybugs take care of getting rid of some of the bad pests on fruit trees and vegetables.  I highly recommend Growquest Growers because of their quality and fast shipping.

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Pitaya Flowers Blooming

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my garden.  It is the pitaya flower blooming.  Each flower fully blooms only one time a year at night from sunset to sunrise.  I also used the ocation to hand pollinate the flower, lets see if we get some fruit…

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Corn, Okra, Cucumber, Pumpkin and Radish

Corn, Okra, Cucumber, Pumpkin and Radish.  First year growing vegetables.  The corn are getting big.

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Mulberry-Sugar Cane Juice

Mulberry-Sugar Cane Juice Instructions:

-Fresh Squeezed Sugar Cane

-Fresh Squeezed Mulberry (with garlic presser)

-A tablespoon of honey

-Serve with ice, tastes great and is nutritious for you!

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Bee Swarm in Barbados Cherry Tree

Bee Swarm spotted on the Barbados Cherry Tree.  It only lasted about two days. When it rained, the swarm was gone. Not sure if they found a new bee hive since I have not seen too much bees around.

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Calabaza Pumpkin “La Estrella”

Calabaza Pumpkin “La Estrella” planted in corner of house:


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Chirimoya, Canistel and Blueberry

Chirimoya, Canistel and Blueberry (Pictures Taken 1/17/2010)

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Screech Owl Nest Box

Here is my new Screech owl nest box.  I made it out of cedar to resist the weather.  Hopefully it will have occupants soon. 🙂


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These photos are from last year may 2009.  This is a Dorsett apple which is for hot climates but, it looks like it was too hot down here in south florida.  They eventually fell off.  Let’s see if we get any this year that make it through.

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